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Founder Message
     When I began to think about starting my business I took several things into account regarding what I wanted to bring to the community of Brantford and my potential customers. I did not want just another limousine company that took people from point A to point B and was inflexible toward their requests. I wanted a company that would provide the best level of service possible in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. All the while being flexible to the needs and desires of my clientele while en route to their event.
     But what symbol could I use to represent that to the customer? To ensure them that they were getting an extra level of service and that I truly wished to do everything possible to ensure their satisfaction. Most other limo companies named themselves after precious gems, metals, or regal names that all imply they have some level of prestige but without actually having an identifiable quality from that name. I did not want to have the same bland branding that just got thrown around without having anything to back it up.
     That is when I came across the symbol of the medieval knight. Who was in perpetual service to their Lord or Lady and would do everything in their power to both serve and protect their interests. I knew that the symbol of the knight was exactly what I was looking for as a brand for my company. To take the best qualities of dutiful service, chivalry, honour and humility. Combining them into a luxury company that would extol those very same virtues in relation to our customers. That is why at Knight Limo you will never be considered "just another client". We will never refer to you as a "fare" nor look at your needs as anything less than the most important goal for us to achieve. We are truly in your service in all respects and we humbly acknowledge that you are the most important aspect of our business. You shall always be treated as such, regardless of the occasion or event with which you have graciously chosen to have us serve you in.
      It is therefore my personal guarantee that whatever your occasion may be? You will always get the best service for your money in a professional and reliable manner. I will do everything in my power to ensure that your event is treated so. Just as it is our "knightly duty" to ensure the service we provide you is always the best it can possibly be in order to completely fulfill your needs. I would expect no less myself. That is why Knight Limo's motto has always been very clear.
"Always at your service"

Duncan Gregson
Knight Limousine
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